Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arrogance - Any assertion contrary to the assertions of elites that no assertions can be made.

Balanced Approach - Any approach to a problem undertaken by Democrats or Socialists.  

Corruption-A label reserved for political law breakers-real, imagined, or accused, who disagree with Democrats.

Big Tent-The tent to small for conservatives.

Bipartisan Legislation-Any socialist legislation which at least one RINO (Republican In Name Only) supports. Conservative "bipartisan" legislation is considered a partisan imposition no matter how many democrats sign on.

Climate Change-"Global Warming" when the environment doesn't cooperate.

Compassion - giving someone else's money to the poor.

Compromise - Giving in to the radical leftist agenda at a slightly slower pace.

Constitution- an archaic and historic but mostly meaningless document upon which judges can inject and attach mechanisms to legislate grand experiments in their attempts to achieve utopia.

Controversial-A word used to describe all conservative viewpoints, ideas and assertions.

Core American Values-anti-American values

Christian-This word, void of context, no longer contains any discernible meaning.

Civility-1. any claim made by a Democrat no matter how violent or hateful the rhetoric.

Debate-a process which occurs after a Democrat, or a representative from his party, makes an outrageous statement or proposal. This imposition of ideas occurs as liberal commentators, using any means necessary including but not limited to spurious and/or misleading arguments or polling data, explain on nightly TV why conservatives are not only wrong, but are hateful and mean spirited for daring to disagree.

Deficit spending- A sneaky way by which the government takes money right out of the people's savings accounts. Hits the poor and elderly worst.

Division-the horrible result when there is disagreement with Democrats.

Diversity - A sophisticated form of oppression accomplished through patronization whereby certain groups (including all but heterosexual white males) are deemed victims. These "victims" are deemed such in order to assuage guilt. This guilt emanates from the loathing of self that is experienced as a result of failing to live up to the ideals of equality preached. The "victims" are kept under guardianship in the name of "diversity" lest the victims realize they are not actually being oppressed at all and so then relieving their "protectors" of the ability to assuage their own self-created guilt.

Educated - Indoctrinated.

Equality- the Marxist phrase "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" in a word.

EPA-Environmental Protection Agency, the political arm of the Sierra Club and other socialist non-special interest (see special interest) organizations that exist for the purpose of destroying capitalism.

Environmentalism-1. A sect of the religion of Secular Humanism, the established religion of the United States of America.  "Tithing" is compulsory in this religion except that it is called taxation.

Can be reduced to a Bumper Sticker by this statement: "Al Gore said it, I believe it, that settles it". 

Fair-A subjectively derived position, or point of view, mistaken or confused with objective truth.

Fee- A tax stuck between the sheets... so to speak.

Fundamentalist-a derogatory name for a person who believes that elites are not the final arbiters of right and wrong.

Gay-A victim class unique in that it admits white males.

Global Warming-the "bad place" in the religion of Environmentalism reserved for the world when it's inhabitants commit the sin of attempting to achieve a standard of living equal to that of its priests.


Government Debt-theft from the unborn

Good-see whatever

Greed-disagreement with Liberals on fiscal policies. note: Greed is one of the few sins for which those who do not believe sin exist can show self-righteous indignation. Much of this indignation can be heard though the mega phone of popular media by self-righteous Hollywood types like Michael Moore, and prominent news media types like Chris Matthews who are themselves filthy rich.

Green-a word interchangeable with Utopia that describes the absence of any pollution there.

Hate-the opinion of a person who disagrees with a Liberal on social issues.

Hate Monger-A person--whom all can hate guilt free--who  is outspoken about his disagreement with Democrats.

Hope- Opiate for the anti-religious masses.

Ideologue-a person who holds to principles that are counter to leftist propaganda.

Inappropriate- the word sin for the post-mod.

Incivility-a charge leveled against those who refuse to agree with Democrats.

Judgmental-The act of having a bad thought about someone because of their behavior, a decision, or some other reason.

Judicial Activism-A conservative judge who believes that the constitution deals in timeless principles as opposed to being a "living and breathing document".

Justice-see fair, social justice

Liberty-(1.)The freedom to cast off all sexual restraint for the masses and the freedom to charge your neighbor through the strong are of government for the consequences. (2) The freedom of governemnt to cast off all restraint in governing and spending.(3)The freedom to get paid without working.

Islam-a religion redeemed of its murderous tendencies by its inclination toward Socialism and its hatred of Christianity.

Job Creation-a job shifted from the private to public sector.

Justice -The stealing of private property for the purposes of equality. (Not to be confused with any alignment with objective morality.)

Legislation-A document produced by legislature that acts like a very large truck upon which pork is loaded.

Love- 1. Giving someone else's money to the poor 2. Not warning people who are destroying their lives.

Mainstream- The prevailing thought that the extremist and leftist Hollywood types and media elites think that all Americans should have.


Moderate-Always a Republican and best described as thus: 

Consider if money were principles and you catch someone stealing a hundred bucks.  He says "OK I'll only take fifty and I'll let you have fifty and that way we will both be winners; you won't look like a greedy bastard, and you still get to keep fifty bucks." 

To a moderate this sounds like a great idea.

Morality- archaic, offensive, The idea of right and wrong based on objective truth. used interchangeably with morality [the idea of right and wrong based on liberals.] Hence, in the statement by those who legislate lots of morality "you can't legislate morality" "morality" must be interpreted under the archaic meaning.

Multiculturalism-What remains when a society's individual parts are greater than their sum.

Opinion-A heading under-which all truth claims contrary to those of the Democrat Party are placed.

Objective Journalism -these words are mostly obsolete but are still occasionally used by self deluded journalist who are attempting to appear objective or to conceal their blatantly obvious bias.

Pacifism-A thought form pushed and sold by those empowered in pure democracies to enslaved the people without a fight.

Patriot-Any person who loves the dream he has for America. example: Army Major Nidal Hasan (of Ft. Hood Massacre fame) is a Patriot because he loves the dream he has for an America under Sharia Law. President Obama is a patriot because he loves the dream he has for a communist America.

PC-Politically Correct, This is much like a giant club used by the pseudo state media and academic elites for the purposes of pummeling and battering the masses out of the habit of true free-thinking.

Propaganda-Any report or information that challenges the liberal agenda.

Public Opinion Polls-A means by which media elites test the effectiveness of their propaganda.

Pork-The purchase of power with other people's money.

Poor- A financial state based on ever changing and arbitrary standards.

Public School-Democrat factory.

Racist- One who believes that a person should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.

Reasonable - A person who agrees with liberalism.

Rich-A person who makes more money than you do. So, Tax cuts for the rich can be interpreted as tax cuts for those who make more than you do.

Right Wing Extremist-a person who sees the actual words in the constitution as the ultimate law of the land.

Separation of Church and State-a pseudo constitutional amendment perpetrated by the ACLU that adds these three words to the first amendment after the first part of the first sentence: "but judges may". Therefore the first amendment must be read and interpreted as thus: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, but judges may".

Sheep-A politically correct word used by those who don’t realize that they are sheep themselves.

Social Justice-Some people are fabulously wealthy, some are not. Social Justice is the act of fixing that.  Liberals are exempt of course.  If such exemption is difficult to understand just imagine Chris Mathews, Michael Moore, George Soros, Harry Reed, Denzel Washington or Barack Obama subjecting themselves to the standard of living that conforms to the "justice" they preach.

Special Interest-any grass-roots movement that is conservative. I.e. Planned Parenthood would not be considered a special interest group while the "National Right to Life" organisation most definitely would.

Studies-usually stated "studies show" or "studies suggest" when used as proof to support leftist ideology. By inserting this term into an argument, regardless of how flawed the study, disagreement can be shown to have been derived from ignorance and anti-science mindsets. This is true whether or not subsequent studies prove these studies flawed. Biases are important, but only when they serve to debunk studies that are counter to leftist ideology.

Terrorist-A non-muslim conservative--or a person who can in some way be shown to be connected to conservatism--who does something harmful.

Tolerance-The Trojan horse upon which enters acceptance. Once in, nothing less is tolerated.

Unity-The result when there is no longer disagreement with Democrats.

Whatever- The culmination of liberal thought and theology in a word.